Fibreglass Trench, Gully & Duct Covers,fibreglass structural panels for new or replacement Trench covers, work platforms and industrial flooring. Duct Covers, Gully Covers, Structural Flooring & Trench Covers, covered gratings, gratings with cover/flat sheet/panel cover gratings, FRP/GRP cover gratings



Duct Covers


RELL covered grating is ideal for new constructions and replacements for duct covers but is also well suited for refurbishment applications to replace old, heavy & cumbersome traditional flooring materials and covers. The characteristics of RELL covered gratings make it more favourable for duct covers rather than using steel, timber or concrete systems due to its lower weight, anti-slip surface, ease of installation and absence of maintenance.


heavy duty fibreglass duct, trench, gully covers & industrial flooring

Structural Flooring

Structural flooring for trench covers. Maximum strength, lightweight, easy to install, anti slip top. Heavy duty, no maintenance structural flooring.RELL structural flooring panels are manufactured in the fibreglass pultrusion process which creates a precision engineered maximum strength flooring system. This product is a lightweight structural flooring system which is suitable for trench covers, gully covers and duct covers.

Fibreglass structural panels For new or replacement work platforms and industrial flooring.


New or Replacement Flooring

Structural flooring benefits include lightweight, high strength, easy installation, anti slip surface, corrosion free, fire resistant, impact resistant and zero maintenance. Ideal for new or replacement trench covers, gully covers, duct covers and structural flooring products in industry.