FRP transparent gratings, FRP translucent gratings, FRP lucid gratings, FRP molded gratings, FRP crystal gratings.


We can promise that our gratings surface will not fade over ten years, of course, we paint one kind of special chemical which is used in airplane area, Now please check comparasion:


Treated gratings ( bottom one) can reflect the shadow of paper while untreated gratings( up one) is not so bright and smooth, this special chemical is high anti UV and anti corrosion. So, this product is very popular in high UV countries because these gratings can stay same even over ten years. Now see obvious comparation:


These gratings were made at same time with same material in 2006, now, four years passed, the difference is coming, treated grating(left one) is just like new one while the untreated(right one ) is becoming gray. It is absolutely different.