FRP/GRP fiberglass flange, manhole flange


RELL COMPOSITE is able to design, manufacture and supply A wide range of fittings as elbows, reducers, tees, caps, flanges.laterals U-turns etc.

Fittings are manufactured by the hand lay-up, contact molding and spray-up process. In hand lay-up and contact molding processes veil and alternate layers of mat and woven roving saturated with resin are applied on the mold. In spray-up process continuous strand roving is fed through a chopper gun, combined with catalyzed resin, and sprayed onto the mould surface.

Prefabricated spools save installation time as well as costs, freeing the designer from being limited to standard fittings and allowing junction sizes shapes to be specified and manufactured as a better alternative to a complex series of joints.





SIZES standard:  ASME Sec. X, ASME RTP-1, ASTM D3299, and PS 15-69

Press standard: 50psi, 100psi, and 150psi

Resin standard:  Ashland Hetron 922 resin, Derakane 411-350, Derakane 470-300, Swancor 901 and

                        Ripoxy R802, Atlac 430



TYPE                               PRESS GRADE         DIAMETER                   BENT RADIUS            THICKNESS