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Pultruded Gratings

Rell FRP/GRP Pultruded Gratings

Rell pultruded gratings are panels with open space, assembled, through specially designed process, with“I” ,“ T” and“ HL” shaped bearing bars and interlocked with solid rods or tubes, which are all pultruded.

Rell pultruded grating is light-weight, strong, anti-fire chemical and UV resistant, and reduces costly maintenance. Aulland pultruded grating is well suited for highly corrosive environments and offers extended life,eliminating periodic maintenance and extra cost, which is a good alternative compared to steel gratings.


Advantages of Phenolic grating:
● High anti-fire
● High anti-corrosion and anti-aging
● High anti-slippery
● Light but high loaded strength
● Long service life and maintenance free
● Non-conduction or magnetic
● Easy installation and rich colors
● Various sizes and colors available



Corrugated Surface

Smooth Surface

Gritted top cover

Gritted Surface

Installation Fixing for Pultruded Gratings

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